Thursday, September 30, 2010


The power kept surging and is now finally off. This wind is
frightening. I had the air conditioner on to keep the sounds of the
wind away but apparently I am meant to be frightened right now.
Luckily I've moved to an apartment but somehow I feel almost less safe
than I did when I was sleeping in my car. Hurricane Nicole's remnants
didn't appear so violent on the Weather Channel's forecast. I can
only hope it means that this is the worst and it will just get
better? I just put on my rain boots. Will probably sleep with them
on, that is, if I sleep.

Power back on...wonder how long that will last. Charging computer
battery now. Amazing how complacent walls make us. Plugged in surge

It's probably sounded this bad for hours only before I didn't notice.
Maybe I can sleep through it. (??). Hopefully my little pill will help.

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