Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day One - post traumatic travel syndrome

September 17, 2010
Frisco Campground, Cape Hatteras National Seashore Park

I should have started this blog from the moment I made the decision to make this huge transition.  The biggest aspects really were the few weeks leading up to my departure.  

It’s amazing how much piles up when you always say, “I’ll just do that tomorrow.”  I had about three weeks worth and probably should have spent a couple of extra days completing the remaining, but I really wanted to get on the road.  Why?  Because the build-up was more than I could take and I didn’t want heckled.  I was also afraid that I would blink and we would already be well into the richness of a West Virginia autumn and I wouldn’t want to leave.  I spent more time with my friends and family in the last month than I have in a year.  It’s been nice and made getting in my car and setting my sights to a far away land that much more difficult to stomach.

I should have known things wouldn’t turn out as planned.  Part of this plan was to not make plans, and the ones I did make have fallen nearly flat on their face.  My favorite campground closed Labor Day weekend; one week prior to my arrival.  The Annual Pass I purchased from the National Park Service for $80 is apparently not good for discounted camping as I had originally anticipated, making it more costly than living in my apartment.  Only here, all I have are these cloth walls for protection and a drawstring on a cold shower.  Thank goodness for the mosquito net canopy my friends bought me.  It has been a nice respite from the sun bath I got today.  Stupid me for not wearing sunscreen.  Stupid stupid stupid.

So sleepy.  Must sleep.

I'll upload pictures later.

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